Zoe Bradley & Olivia Burton collaborate on first brand campaign AW17


Moving into a new area of printed florals on a much smaller more delicate scale!

Bradley brought a real sense of wilderness to the brief. Creating a sense of magic and a dreamlike quality to the compositions by playing with the subtle colours and textures. The delicate nature of the flowers echoed the sense of craftsmanship of the small delicate flowers painted onto the new Bloom collection of watch dials.


To create the Campaign design Bradley went into her rural surrounding of the studio and took many of her own photographs of real flowers. Collecting bundles of different varieties of flowers to be photographed. Some of these flowers and foliage were quite literally foraged from local hedgerows, which helped in translating the wild hand picked nature of the finished compositions.


After a careful edit, these photographs were then tinted to the pastel tones of the collection and printed onto a special paper, that could be manipulated to form a 3D styled edge.


Bradley explored flowers that had contrasting textures and petals, along with grasses, leaves and stems that would trail off to help build up the layers of depth in the set.


The composition of The Bloom set design was also inspired by the author and naturalist Edith Holden’s ‘The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady’ where she documented in words and images of the floral and fauna of the British countryside.

Bradley used a soft pastel palette of lilac, nude, pinks, grey and rose gold, to compliment the Olivia Burton AW17 Abstract Floral range. The flowers added a sense of feminine romance and beauty to the campaign.


Working with Photographer Marie Valogne’s who’s beautiful lighting subtly captured the paper sets casting light and shadow over the carefully positioned flowers. The photographers eye for detail highlighted the delicate nature of these hand-cut paper flowers.


The end result was a beautifully hand cut paper set of Abstract Florals to launch the NEW floral designed watches by Olivia Burton.