Contemplate the Wild

Paper Artist Zoe Bradley creates a festive workshop at Hide Wales.

“The workshops are more than teaching a craft, it is about sharing my experiences and inspiring others to take a different creative approach.”

“It’s as much about the process of creating as it is the success of what you create.”


The paper workshop was about letting your mind free, and taking time to be immersed in your own creative approach whilst guided by the techniques of hand-sculpting paper by artist Zoe Bradley.


The venue for this workshop was very important to me, it needed to be surrounded by nature and be both restful and contemplative. Hide, had all these qualities, allowing our guests to switch off, relax and get immersed in creativity.


The Hide Pavilion is surrounded by nature, woodlands and views over the dramatic Jurassic Heritage Coastline, a perfect reflection of my work as most of my sculptures are inspired by natural forms.



The workshops were intimate and inclusive, we ran a morning and afternoon session with our guest’s who we’re introduced to folding and scoring, using the signature Bradley techniques, transforming the papers by adding texture and creating form, from our folding techniques.


Zoe teaching the process of styling and getting a natural clustered shape to the snowflake wreath.

We created a Zoe Bradley paper folding tool kit for each of our creators to use during the workshop to enable them to replicate the Zoe Bradley technique.

As an artist studio we are keen to teach the art of paper craft to anyone with a desire and passion to want to learn a new skill and come away with something unique and tangible in their hands. We want to inspire others to experiment with paper, its potential as a material is endless and we want you to share with us your journey in paper sculpting.

Be sure to Hashtag #zoebradley #zoebradleyworkshop when you have finished your paper creations.



All Photography by Anna Jones @cobsinmyhair

 If you would like further details of our future workshops please email your details to workshop@zoebradley as we are in the process of setting up a mailing list.

Reviews from the day:

I felt a wonderful sense of achievement to have produced something so beautiful in such a short length of time. The relaxed atmosphere and beautiful surroundings added greatly to the experience.
(Patricia Curran)

 Zoe makes you feel so welcome and brings out the best in everyone with her friendly tuition and encouragement, I really felt I had got away from day to day and was refreshed and inspired.
(Sam Morgan)

Zoe Bradley Christmas Paper Wreath Workshop


Be inspired this festive season with an Immersive paper workshop, expertly guided by artist Zoe Bradley, in the wild surroundings of the Hide Pavilion.

You will be supplied with a kit to use of paper folding tools and pre-cut paper snowflake. This beautiful paper is waterproof so can be hung in or outside. Bradley will guide you through hand folding and scoring techniques to create your very own festive snowflake wreath.

We will provide you with ribbon and cellophane wrap to take home your magical Christmas snowflake wreath (as seen in Homes and Garden Magazine retail price £180.)

During the day, Bradley will share her non-conventional story of how she started in paper and share a number of her previous collaborations, starting with her initial beginnings with Alexander McQueen.


£115.00 Per Person – Please BOOK HERE
Price includes the 3 Hour Workshop and light refreshments.

There is a limited number of 14 places per workshop so book in early!

Saturday 16th November 2019
Morning: 10.30am – 1.30pm
Afternoon: 2.30pm – 5.30pm

Upon booking Paula @ Hide ( will be in touch to confirm any of your extra requirements.
*Transfers to Hide Wales can be organised from Bridgend Train Station at an additional cost.

Workshop cancellation policy: All places reserved on workshops are non-refundable once booked.

Zoe Bradley creates floral spectacle for Pandora London


Zoe Bradley was asked to collaborate with jewellery brand, Pandora to offer a moment of curb appeal from its Marble Arch flagship store in London’s Oxford Street. The floral creation was aimed at delivering the WOW factor. The ZB studio wanted to create something truly bespoke and handcrafted. Applying our knowledge of paper cutting and sculpture we set about producing fine detail and craftsmanship across many varieties of flowers.


Jo Glynn-Smith, VP of Marketing at PANDORA Jewellery UK comments that: ‘As PANDORA Shine is such a significant launch we wanted to create something unique with huge curb appeal for our flagship store.  With her incredible eye for detail, Zoe was able to capture the essence of our collection and play on the hand-crafted nature of our products to inspire her installation, the most elaborate floral window treatment we have done to date.’

zoebradley-pandora-design-advertising-paperflowers-paperart-sculpture-paper copy

This floral installation was one of our most detailed executions to date. The two large bespoke 3D flower walls transformed the windows into an explosion of colour of British flowers. The abundance of flowers was extended to go outside the store, by designing several of the key flower styles in a gold metallic to arch across the top of the Pandora store. The psychedelic flower show had landed!


This creation has taken over 13 weeks to create from design and concept to creation. Working with a dedicated team of 7, featuring over 3000 hand-sculpted blooms using over 10,000 petals. Created from over 14 different style’s of spring blooms, of Roses, Foxgloves, Delphinium, Lily of the Valley, Daisy, Anemone and cherry blossom in 13 colour ways of our signature iridescent papers, each flower meticulously handcrafted.


Key signature ZB flowers were scaled up in metal as big as 150cm diameter in order to create curb appeal. Bradley wanted the flowers to grow in scale over the store. Creating this ‘Alice in Wonderland’ moment for the passing the public to admire and get inspired by.


Zoe Bradley says: “I took inspiration from the spring florals in the PANDORA Shine campaign which is whimsical and playful. I wanted to play with the scale and colours to create an avalanche of brightly coloured flowers. My aim was to create a real sense of a theatrical wilderness…”


The design was to work inside and out, so it would appear all these wonderful flower styles were spilling out from the window, enhanced by a gold floral garland arching over the outside of the flagship store.

Bradley says: This was my Alice in Wonderland moment for Pandora – Playing with scale and detail to create this immersive experience and instagram moment!


Zoe Bradley & Olivia Burton collaborate on first brand campaign AW17


Moving into a new area of printed florals on a much smaller more delicate scale!

Bradley brought a real sense of wilderness to the brief. Creating a sense of magic and a dreamlike quality to the compositions by playing with the subtle colours and textures. The delicate nature of the flowers echoed the sense of craftsmanship of the small delicate flowers painted onto the new Bloom collection of watch dials.


To create the Campaign design Bradley went into her rural surrounding of the studio and took many of her own photographs of real flowers. Collecting bundles of different varieties of flowers to be photographed. Some of these flowers and foliage were quite literally foraged from local hedgerows, which helped in translating the wild hand picked nature of the finished compositions.


After a careful edit, these photographs were then tinted to the pastel tones of the collection and printed onto a special paper, that could be manipulated to form a 3D styled edge.


Bradley explored flowers that had contrasting textures and petals, along with grasses, leaves and stems that would trail off to help build up the layers of depth in the set.


The composition of The Bloom set design was also inspired by the author and naturalist Edith Holden’s ‘The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady’ where she documented in words and images of the floral and fauna of the British countryside.

Bradley used a soft pastel palette of lilac, nude, pinks, grey and rose gold, to compliment the Olivia Burton AW17 Abstract Floral range. The flowers added a sense of feminine romance and beauty to the campaign.


Working with Photographer Marie Valogne’s who’s beautiful lighting subtly captured the paper sets casting light and shadow over the carefully positioned flowers. The photographers eye for detail highlighted the delicate nature of these hand-cut paper flowers.


The end result was a beautifully hand cut paper set of Abstract Florals to launch the NEW floral designed watches by Olivia Burton.


Zoe Bradley & Galleria Melissa – Neon Garden at Covent Garden


When Bradley was asked to collaborate with Galeria Melissa in Covent Garden she saw the potential to bring the new element of film to her work. Melissa’s DNA is encoded with an obsession with the new and revolutionary; challenging and reinventing itself in each collection, thus echoed in Bradley’s own thoughts.

7-zoebradley-paperart-neongarden-melissa-paperflowers-neon-bright-designPhotography by Melvyn Vincent

As the gallery stands central in the centre of Covent garden’s iconic old flower market it. The shoe store with adjacent gallery means that Art is for all and the visitors that come to the store can have a window into the art world.

Bradley’s idea behind the installation was to create an exotic garden, celebrating the feminine, architectural forms of flowers. It was important that the scale of the garden was oversized so the petals towered above the viewer.

2-zoebradley-neongarden-melissa-neon-bright-paper-paperflowers-paperartistPhotography by Melvyn Vincent

The hot neon colour underpins the floral textile with accent colours such as fuchsia pink, pastel lilacs and deep plum which all open and bloom into a kaleidoscopic explosion of colour.

DCZq2xpXgAAJMn0_largePhotography by Melvyn Vincent

The Lotus flower is the ‘hero’ flower of the piece and was used to give the floral textile and accompanying animated film the narrative behind the installation. This Lotus flower has come to be associated with purity and beauty in the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism.

A Quote Bradley found says:
‘I thought it was very interesting how the open flower and the unopened Lotus bud forms are associated with human traits. The unopened bud is representative of a folded soul that has the ability to unfold and open itself up.’

Neon-Garden-4_opt_largePhotography by Melvyn Vincent

When you visit the Gallery you are greeted from the doorway with a neon suspended Lotus flower in the entrance with a backdrop of a kaleidoscopic floral animation.


Our collaborators Swhype worked tirelessly on the animation of this 3minute loop sequence to Bradley’s creative direction. Working directly with the patterns and filmed 3D hand-sculpted creation of each ZB paper flower. This backdrop of blossoming flowers added a magical element to the exhibition.

url_largePhotography by Melvyn Vincent

As you continue down the stairs you enter a room vinyl wrapped in a hot neon oasis of flowers in a variety of oriental styles. A second lotus flower rotates on the floor echoing the motion of a flower opening upon a pond.

Bradley says:
“My work is drawn from nature and the natural rhythms in nature. There is always an element of symmetry in my work, from the floral elements to the overall silhouette of the piece. I look for balance and natural patterns. I work rather instinctively with the paper than mathematically; the flow of the piece is important to me so there is life and movement in the silhouette.”


400 hand-sculpted flowers we’re created from Bradley’s studio and sculpted into a series of landscapes that we’re photographed by Arthur Woodcroft and stitched together to form a large scale wall vinyl. The artistry ran through this collaboration right down to the piecing together of the details of the vinyl.


Bradley’s idea to turn the flowers into a vinyl wallpaper ment that the scale of the paper flowers could be used in a larger format that usual creating even more drama to the scale of her work.


There are many layers to this exhibition, but the development of large wallpaper design is a new exciting avenue for Bradley one that you should see more developments over the coming year!