Zoe Bradley creates huge paper chandelier for Team GB British House in Rio


Some weeks ago, Zoe Bradley Design studio was asked to design and create a paper sculpture for Team GB’s hospitality venue in Rio de Janerio for the Olympic Games. Known as British House, the venue is to provide a relaxed sanctuary for Team GB and their VIP guest’s away from the sporting venue’s.

EXterior_shot_of_British_House_f2e5aa37-9008-4d87-8989-049d7203fbfe_largeThe exterior of British House. Home to Team GB during the Rio Olympics in Parque Lage.

It’s not the sort of commission you get everyday, while at least not for every four years. Bradley set to work on designing a show stopping large floral chandelier to celebrate Team GB’s new home in Rio. It was certainly a challenge! The studio had to cut and curl hundreds of flowers with less than 4 weeks until the structure had to be shipped from London to Rio.
The entrance to British House in Parque Lage situated opposite the iconic Christ the Redeemer.
‘I wanted to create a piece that celebrated the rich tropical colours that are synonymous with Brazil, and capture the exotic nature of the host country’s flowers.’ comments Bradley. The design studio was poised to create something quite special. It required Bradley’s renowned paper sculpting skills to produce a floral chandelier on an Olympic scale.
Artistic rendering of how the paper floral chandler will appear.
‘I wanted the floral chandelier to engulf the space and draw you into the building, which can be viewed from many angles. I want the athletes and guests to be inspired and uplifted as they walk through the entrance.’ says Bradley
Hundreds of paper flower garlands waiting to be hand curled.
The result was a dense cascading paper floral chandelier that will take pride of place in the entrance to the impressive Parque Lage building. Inspired by Rio’s native Bougainvillea plant, the design has been created from over 2500 hand curled flowers in fuchsia pink, burnt orange, deep violet, lilac, and, of course, gold to symbolise the ultimate achievement. Hundreds of florals cascade down from three separate circular rings inside one another. The piece measures 2.5 metres in diameter and 2.8 metres in hanging length.
The final Zoe Bradley Paper Chandelier ready to be raised up
Zoe Bradley’s work is aimed at bringing awareness to cultural events, and she believes that art can enhance environments in which we work and live. Bradley recognises ‘This is a great opportunity to take a contemporary art installation outside the usual gallery walls. Hanging the chandelier at the entrance to Team GB British House I hope, will provide a warm and uplifting welcome to the athletes and invited guest’s over the coming weeks.’

Zoe Bradley’s Collaboration With M&S WINS Most Creative Visual At Jasmine Awards


We were delighted to hear this week that our collaboration with Marks & Spencer won Best Creative Visual at the annual Jasmine Awards, held at BAFTA London on Wednesday 16th March. Under the Creative Direction of Karen Davidson of Paul Barry Design, paper artist Zoe Bradley created six different paper shapes, inspired by the festive season, including a holly leaf and winged Angel to illustrate the ‘Forever Fragrance’, timeless classic’s that every women should take note of.


These seasonal paper shapes were beautifully shot by the aptly named photographer Christophe Bouquet for the M&S online magazine Style & Living.


The award was introduced in 2012 for a stand alone piece with minimal words which stood the test of time of inspiring the reader by its visual impact.
Despite the panel of judges expressing it was a very tough decision due to the high quality of entries. The Forever Fragrances online piece secured first prize, with words by Emma Robertson.
Well Done & Congratulations on a great team effort with this successful collaboration.

Paper Artist Zoe Bradley Collaborates With Sotheby’s to Create Unique Installation


Tomorrow will see the unveiling of five incredible works of art created by reknowned paper artist Zoe Bradley. The unique pieces were created by Bradley and her small team of highly skilled crafts people from her UK studio. Each piece takes its inspiration from rare and beautiful works of art that have been curated ready for auction by the famous auction house Sothebys. Entitled Of Royal & Noble Descent, the works on view once belonged to royal and aristocratic European families.


They have literally been bought to life through Zoe Bradley’s paper sculptures, which include a pair of gold shoes encrusted with Swarovski crystals, a large white Ruff with intricate cut out detail to emulate lace work, an oversize gold crown also beautifully adorned with precious Swarovski stones and pearls, a large 17th Century inspired wig, complete with feathers, birds, roses, bows and small flower chains held in place by soft pastel pearls. Each bow has a faceted cut crystal attached, also from Swarovski.


The largest piece is a 6 metre long red dress. A masterpiece in paper manipulation, it contains thousands of ruffles and hundreds of roses and bows. All produced in a deep rich iridescent red paper to give the illusion of centuries old silk. Again the bodice is adorned with red Magma crystals from Swarovski that sparkle wonderfully under the gallery lights.


The exhibition opens to the public tomorrow Thursday 14th January until next Monday 18th with a special Late Night View this Friday 15th January with a special Fashion Talk by Old Master Specialist and Harpers Bazaar Contributing Editor @bazaaruk  Jonquil O’Reilly.



Paper Artist Zoe Bradley Creates 10 Bespoke Paper Peonies For Boucleme


We were delighted to be asked by Boucleme, specialist in producing natural hair care product for curly locks, to create something unique and special that they could gift to a selection of lucky Beauty Editors.

Not only is the Boucleme packaging good looking with its clean and clever design, it specialises in celebrating and getting the most out of naturally curly hair. With the constant down pouring of rain the UK has seen in recent weeks, its a timely product launch to keep those curls looking their very best!

Our 10 individual gift boxed peonies echoed the subtle pretty pink packaging on the new Curl Cream Boucleme product which launches onto the market next month. The cut and curled petals of the Peonies had strangely similar characteristics to the product other than just the pink colour.

Ten lucky Beauty Editors will receive the new Boucleme product in a Zoe Bradley box along with their very own Peonie flower. Each flower hand cut and made and embossed signature, so no flower is exactly the same.


With Valentines Day fast approaching you to can order you very own boxed paper Rose flower. Hand made from our studio by our small talented team of craftspeople. To view colours go to the top and click into Shop and select the Gifts from the menu.




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Zoe Bradley’s Magical Wrapping for Christmas With Fine Jewellery


The new issue of British Vogue, whose front cover is graced by model of the moment Karlie Kloss, is packed full of festive cheer from the best parties to the most colourful and sparkling accessories. And talking about all things sparkly and shiny, as you might expect with the countdown to Christmas, we would ask you to take a peek at page 256 – entitled Box Sets, its our 6 page editorial shoot showcasing the best high jewellery.

It was a striking collaboration working alongside British female photographer Lacey, whose clients include Louis Vuitton, Dior, NARS, Kate Spade and Bloomingdales. Her eye for graphic detail and composition is a perfect collaboration with Zoe’s clean-cut modern style.


Vogue’s Jewellery Editor, Carol Woolton was responsible for editing the finest pieces of jewellery from the world’s best high-end jewellery brands.


Zoe was responsible for designing and creating the intricate and refined colour palette of paper sets. When asked to collaborate with Lacey on this issue Zoe and Lacey discussed concepts of states of wrapping and unwrapping, with a magical feel. A recent trip to Japan inspired Zoe to explore the ‘Art or wrapping.’Exploring Japanese wrapping styles and a very subtle palette of flesh tone, ivory, silver, gold, and teal with a hint of red. All the wrapping was created and hand sculpted by Zoe and her team from there studio. Modern geometric patterned ribbons, spools, and hundreds of intricate bows were created to adorn every miniature present and box in the paired back colour palette in order to highlight the details and forms. A highlight is the feather quill pen, which is intricately laser cut from a metallic finished paper, which has a wonderful luminous quality.


The soft and muted feminine colour palette works well against the bold shot of teal and red colour background. It also let’s the intricate pieces of fine jewellery shine out.

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