In 2005 Zoe Bradley began her journey of sculpting in paper.

She discovered her love of paper whilst making a showpiece for the designer Michiko Koshino. The paper dress grew organically from hand pleating large pieces of paper. This started her on a progressive and continuing journey of creating intriguing sculptures in unexpected materials.

Through Bradley’s skills as a fashion designer, she works like a tailor and applies her artistry using the paper form. Her works involve her folding, cutting and stitching paper. Bradley says ’you need a sensitivity to the paper, a patience, otherwise the creations are ruined and you have to start again!’

Recently her work has taken her into using digital technology in the form of laser cutting resulting in extremely intricate artworks.

She draws her inspiration from various influences from the nature that surrounds her rural home, to the vibrancy of theatre, couture and architecture.

Bradley worked alongside Alexander McQueen in 1997. She worked closely with McQueen to create the showpieces for S/S RTW 1999 show no: 13. This was a very demanding role as his ideas were often very challenging. But it was an invaluable experience. One that has fuelled her own ambition to lead her on to create her own challenging works of art!